Blue Gold: World Water Wars

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The movie Blue Gold: World Water Wars was directed by Sam Bozzo and published in 2008. It is 1 hour, 29 minutes, and 44 seconds long. It is a documentary. The purpose of this move is to inform the public on the urgent need to replenish our water. We are running out of it and it is already affecting people in third world countries. It will eventually affect everyone though. Yes, even the people in the United States of America.
This movie was about how people have used up and or polluted all of our available water supply. By building cities, roads, and any other surfaces where water cannot seep back into the ground from, it is causing our aquifers to run dry. Carbon Dioxide emissions cause the clouds to become polluted which mean that when it falls and cannot be cleansed in the ground, it just goes back into the ocean being contaminated. People are also trying to own water basically. Companies buy and sell it. For example, in Kenya, a glass bottle of coca cola is cheaper than a plastic bottle of water. This is because coca cola is in control of the water supply.
I thought this documentary was fairly good. It was frightening to see what could happen when our water supply runs out though. It definitely stressed the need to rebalance our water cycle. It made you think about how you can stop hurting and taking the water. …show more content…

Though, it is difficult due to the fact that companies are the ones who own the water and the government is corrupt when it comes to this. It also showed that how without water, there would be nothing. No trees, food, and obviously no water. Taking water out of the aquifers and depleting them can also cause sinkholes. Politically, the government does not care. As I said before, the movie showed that is was cheaper to buy coca cola in a glass bottle than water is a plastic bottle due to the fact that coca cola owns the water. Or at least a large portion of

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