Explain What Do You Pay For A Twelve Ounce Social Cost Of Producing A Can Of Coke

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1. What is in it? Where did the ingredients come from? In a U.S. can of Coca Cola some of the ingredients include high fructose corn syrup, caramel coloring, vanilla flavoring, caffeine, and phosphoric acid. The high fructose corn syrup is made from corn starch, which is made from the starch obtained from corn kernels. Caramel coloring and other ingredients come from multiple areas all over the world. 2. Who made it? What is life like for those who made it? John Pemberton was the maker of Coca Cola. John Pemberton was a pharmacist who developed an early version of the soda drink. His expensive addiction to morphine made him desperate to make money. This led him to sell his rights to the drink shortly before he died. The production of Coca Cola led to the creation of bottling plants and factories which provided individuals with jobs where they could work to earn a living. Conditions for people working in the factories (depending on …show more content…

What do you pay for a twelve-ounce can? What are the real social costs of producing a can of Coke—in terms of water, power systems, sewage treatment, pollution, garbage disposal, and roads for transportation? Who pays for these costs? A twelve ounce can of coke costs a dollar. The social costs of producing a can of coke in terms of resources, pollution, etc. are extensive. The amount of water that is needed to create a single liter of Coca-Cola is vastly different. For every nine liters of fresh water, only one liter of Coca-Cola is created. The pollution created by the Coke plants is also costly. Pollution arises due to impurities sin the air and water from shipments and factories themselves. Roads and transportation are affected because of the numerous shipments that are sent from Coca-Cola all around the world. The people and environment that are directly affected by the Coca-Cola plants. For example, the people and land of Plachimada, India, payed for the costs of the devastation and pollution from the local Coca-Cola

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