Blues Ain T No Mockin Bird

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Marlon Brando, a world renowned actor, once said, “Privacy is not something that I 'm merely entitled to, it is an absolute prerequisite” (Brando). Brando is saying privacy should not be given, but should be an automatic privilege. In “Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird” by Toni Cade Bambara, Granny, the protagonist, Granddaddy, and the rest of their family find their privacy being breached by people taking pictures of them, without their consent, for the food stamp program. They believe that this is unjust and that they deserve privacy. In “Blues Ain’t No Mockin Bird,” Bambara asserts that all people have a right to their privacy no matter their race or social class, through the use of metaphor and symbolism.
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The story is a metaphor because it is comparing the family’s current situation with the situation of the suicidal man. For instance, in the story she does not like that the suicidal man’s privacy is being invaded and Granny is mad that the cameramen are invading her privacy as well. The diction she uses shows that she is unhappy that the man’s privacy is being invaded through the use of words like “misery”, which indicates unhappiness with a situation, and “messin with him” which has a disgraced or even angry tone. The diction within the story solidifies the metaphor between it and her current situation because it reveals that she does not like that the suicidal man’s privacy was being invaded, similarly to her current situation and how she is mad about her privacy being invaded. The metaphor is important because it shows that Granny believes that she deserves privacy and a suicidal man does as well. Therefore, the metaphor supports the theme because it reveals Granny’s belief that all people have a right to privacy, no matter their background. Overall, Bambara uses metaphor to emphasize the theme that people should have their …show more content…

Firstly, Bambara’s use of metaphor brings out how Granny believes that they deserve privacy, by showing how Granny felt about the suicidal man having his privacy invaded. Secondly, Bambara uses the symbolism of the camera to reveal how Granddaddy believes that he and his family deserve privacy, and that he is willing to do anything to protect it. Many people around the world also believe that they deserve privacy, and that they will do anything to protect it. One person that exhibits these beliefs is Edward Snowden. He believes that people deserve privacy so much that when he found out that the government was spying on the American public he ignored the chance of going to prison and released all of the details about how the government was spying on the public. Snowden demonstrated the same beliefs as those stated in “Blue’s Ain’t No Mockin Bird.” As Bambara demonstrated through the use of symbolism and metaphor, and as Marlon Brando stated, privacy should not be given to a select few, but rather should be given to

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