Book Report On Night By Ellie Wiesel

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Night is an infamous book by Ellie Wiesel that is well-known throughout the US for its impactful storytelling of the struggles a teenage boy lived through during the time of the Holocaust. One should read Night because it describes the events of the holocaust and the harsh reality of being a person living during the holocaust. Many young readers share their thoughts on the book, Night by Ellie Weisel, most of them described the book as vivid, as it takes the readers back to a time of distress and tragedy of the holocaust which feels so real. Reading this book could be a valuable source for readers to be able to get a perspective of a survivor and to be able to understand the reality of all these horrific events that occurred during this time …show more content…

Similarly enough, readers can also be awakened emotionally. A reported reader that remains Anonymous in the article “ the value of Night”, said that many people were not aware of the effects that multiple Jewish people when through during the holocaust and that they were taught a lot of miss information like the deaths of many Jews were well deserved. Once they were able to read the book night they were able to learn just as in the article before where students can feel a connection they would say things like “ I could feel the pain and agony inside of my heart for the loss of one of my family members, and I was overwhelmed to think abut his feelings throughout that horrible time”. This shows how a reader is able to develop a sense of emotion (sympathy) and may be able to connect with it. In “Night is One of the most important books ever Elizabeth Ballou stated “This book is very detailed and some might even find it disturbing” Even though many people find this book disturbing we can deny the fact that this is what happened and we can’t erase it from history

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