Book Summary: The Odyssey

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Batoul Labban
Journal # 10
The Odyssey
• Odyssey 1: Book number one begins 10 years after the Trojan War. Everyone that was considered heroes went back home except for Odysseus. One reason why he has not left back home is because a goddess named Calypso fell in love with him and is refused to let him leave her. A lot has been going around since Odysseus has not returned to his home yet. A crowd of people plan to take over his land in Ithaca and steel his wife named Penelope. They are in a mission to take over his kingdom. Meanwhile his son named Telemachus is not at all trying to help them because throughout his childhood he considered his father being dead. Zeus then gives permission to Athena to go back to Ithaca and speak with Telemachus. After talking with him some time she recommends that Telemachus brings the group of crowds together and announce their expulsion from his father’s land. She tells him that he must make a trip to Pylos …show more content…

The messenger of Gods is sent to Calypso’s island to tell her to release Odysseus. As her response she delivers an emotional charge of the male gods. She then starts to complain how it was not fair how they were allowed to take human lovers while the relationships of the female gods must always be unsatisfied. At the end of this she surrenders to the will of Zeus. By now Odysseus is left alone. Calypso starts to help him build a new boat and fills is up with supplies from her island. She was really emotional when he left. After about 18 days, Odysseus sees Scheria which was the island of Phaeacians. As Poseidon was returning home he notices what the other gods have done when he was gone. He is so furious he stirs up a storm and almost drowns Odysseus under the sea. But not for long goddess’ come to rescue him including Athena. Lastly, a river close to the island answers all of Odysseus’ prayers and let’s

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