Book Theif Comparison Between Max And Liesel

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How can two people with completely different backgrounds be so similar? In The Book Thief, the two characters Max and Liesel are very similar people who share the same interests. Their lives are saved as they come to Himmel Street in Germany. Himmel Street is known as heaven to them, is has saved them both from a very bad life. Max is a Jewish boy during Hitler's reign in WWII. Liesel is a foster child who left her parents and got foster parents, The Huberman's. Himmel Street has saved the lives of two young people. Some of the things that Max and Liesel enjoy doing are reading together, talking to each other during the night, and writing. They have both written books, Max made a book called The Standover Man and Liesel made a book called The …show more content…

Max wrote a book about the feeling of being alone, and the feeling of people standing over him all of his life. This book was called The Standover Man and he wrote it for Liesel to read. Max really enjoyed writing, even if he didn't think he was good at it. “He was educated well enough to get by, but he was certainly no writer, and no artist. Despite this, he formulated the words in his head till he could recount them without error. Only then, on the paper that had bubbled and humped under the stress of drying paint, did he begin to write the story. It was done with a small black paintbrush. The Standover Man”. Max started out with writing his feelings, but he wanted it to be useful. During his basement time he would write. Liesel would reads this book and understand his pain, knowing exactly how he felt. She once had felt the same way. Liesel knows what it is like to be alone and hopeless, just like Max was. “Every night, Liesel made her way down to the basement, she kept the book with her at all times. For hours, she wrote, attempting each night to complete 10 pages of her life”. Liesel also enjoyed writing. Having the similarity of being alone and writing about it made Max and Liesel closer together. They shared with one another, not afraid to talk about how they felt. It has been shown that, writing has had a huge impact in the development of the relationship for Max and

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