Boston Revolution Causes

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The first main cause contributing to the Revolution can be cited as the imposition of various harsh acts and taxes to generate more revenue from the American colonies in order to meet the expenses of the French-Indian wars. Sugar Act, Stamp Act, etc. are some examples of these acts. With these impositions of such unacceptable acts, the unrest in the colonies started brewing which ultimately led to the great Revolt. Boston Massacre was another important reason/cause and contributing factor behind The American Revolution. All these causes were fuelled by the fact that no representatives were allowed to represent American colonies to raise their voice in the British parliament, and their needs were continually suppressed by the British administration. …show more content…

The war killed and wounded a huge number of potential workers, limiting productive capacities for nascent factories and farms across the country. Additionally, deprived of their guaranteed markets in Great Britain, the new country struggled to find new buyers for the goods it did produce. Inflation, too, was an issue; the new government had printed money and gone into debt to finance its war leaving it in desperate financial straits after winning the peace. The financial pressures on its allies and enemies was also immense. Britain saw dissension after the war, and the French monarch's support of the war caused further debt. Combined with the Enlightenment sentiments of the rights of the governed, this debt soon sent France into its own revolution in 1789. Finally, the war opened the debate about the morality of slavery: how could a revolution based on individual rights also allow the ownership of human beings. Though freedom was many years in the future, the American Revolution gave abolitionists a moral argument for freedom that eventually resulted in emancipation.
I can think of four predictable consequences within the US, America would be geographically smaller (with Mexico & Russia keeping big areas), there would be lees people, and less races , Slavery would have been abolished earilry ,The North wouldnt have been industrialised. Those would have had huge repercussions for the rest of the world this is what I think would happen in the U.S. First, the colony of North America would have been much smaller, with Native Americans having more territory, Mexico owning having bigger pieces , and Russia would keeping

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