Boundless Way Zen Buddhism

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In a world struggling with violence and oppression from police brutality to women’s rights it’s nice to be reminded that there is still good in this world. Holy buildings including mosques, temples, churches, and synagogues are sanctuaries for humans. Each building houses a different religion. Buddhists attend temples, Christians go to church, Muslims attend mosques, and Jewish people go to synagogues. Every religion is looking for peace and kindness, however, Buddhism is different because they look within and not towards God for help. Dave, the owner of Boundless Way Zen, said, “Most Buddhists accept that there is a God but they don 't worship him. Instead, they worship the world God created and God’s design of all living things.” This way …show more content…

Buddhism or at least Zen Buddhism is about awakening the mind. It’s something everyone has the power to do, however, most choose not to because it means taking the brain off autopilot. A fish who has been submerged in water stops realizing it is in water because there are so many other places the mind goes. A member of Boundless Way Zen, Matthew said, “ First you choose to stop thinking and let everything go, at some point that happens and you don’t realize it. Then you are interrupted by thoughts or outside stimulus and you choose to stop thinking again and the cycle repeats.” That thought in the middle is like fish seeing water. This promotes a healthier self because “When you have control over your thoughts you waste less energy trying to figure out what you 're thinking or how you 're feeling. You simply know because you 've bonded with your own mind”, said Dave. Meditating helps sharpen reality. Dave said, “The universe is so intricate and the little human mind wants to interpret it all and it 's impossible” so instead they accept it and …show more content…

Hour sessions of mediation is child 's play compared their retreat schedule. They wake up at four in the morning and meditate until nine at night. No one can move and it takes a lot of time to work up to that level of commitment. Aside from Zen Buddhism there are many other types. There are two clear avenues in Buddhism, Buddha is either seen as a God or an inspiring person. Zen Buddhist’s see Buddha as a person which is linked with less strict religious beliefs.
Most people who worship Buddha as a God live in India or other Asian countries that it has spread to. They have to hold their arms a certain way when meditating and the process is much different. It is not a cycle, instead, there are levels to be achieved to get to the blue light or true enlightenment. If someone is not performing tasks properly or is causing disruption they are swiftly handled with by being

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