Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

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Breastfeeding What do you think is much better, breastfeeding or formula?. Many women have realized the advantages and the benefits of breastfeeding over many years. At the same time, lots of women opposite the idea of breastfeeding and they prefer formula over it but they are wrong. In fact, some women prefer breastfeeding since it is free and on its ease of use. Breastfeeding is comfortable; it doesn’t require to do bottle feeding. Therefore, as a future mother the best thing is breastfeeding. Selecting to breastfeed is a hard choice that demands tough work. However, breastfeeding benefits the mother and the infant in three important ways. First, breastfeeding is a perfect way of creating maternal bonds between the mother and the child. …show more content…

These days, breastfeeding has an effective impact to protect the mother and infant from obesity. “Identifying causes and prevention strategies, such as breastfeeding infants, is an important step in preventing childhood obesity”, [Hernandez 10]. This article explains the importance of breastfeeding to prevent obesity in childhood. Breast milk has all the materials of healthy milk such as minerals and vitamins. Moreover, I heard that the mother who breastfeed has big role in getting a nice body after delivery. Over years, breastfeeding has proved its importance to protect the childhood and mother illnesses. I heard that mothers who breastfeed their infants has great effects to protect their child from many diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes. Meanwhile, breastfeeding can protect the mothers of breast cancer. Also, breastfeeding has benefits to enhance the growth of baby brains. According to the article by Herba , et al [1] who state, “Exclusive breastfeeding was associated with more optimal brain development compared with babies who were bottle-fed or never breastfed.” I learned from this study that depending only on breastfeeding will promote the growth of brains in children compared to bottle feeding. Breastfeeding is the major thing of creating a healthy …show more content…

Breastfeeding enhance the bonds between the mothers and their infants, it promotes the health to the mothers and infants and growth of children. Breast milk consider the best milk who infants fed since it has all the infant 's needs from minerals, vitamins, fats, water and protein. On the other hand, breastfeeding is comfortable and always exist , it does not require to do bottle milk. Children who had breastfeeding during their first age improve their intelligence in childhood. “Breastfeeding has been shown to enhance global measures of intelligence in children”, [ Cai 1], et al. This means that breastfeeding has a significant side of improving IQ in children and cognitive development to them. Formula is the major cause of obesity, while breast milk create to building a healthy baby away of obesity. I totally disagree with the idea that breastfeeding is embarrassing in public places because it is legal in our society these days and still so now. To my mind, I encourage every mother to be in the future to fed her infant breastfeeding for it has great benefits to her and to her

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