Concrete Bridge Durability Analysis

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Flordeliz, Alyssa B.

Bruhwiler. E. Improving Safety and Durability of Civil Structures.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale (EPFL), ENAC-MCS, p. 63-67.

SUMMARY Most of the people expect that the failure in bridges and structures should rely or depends in the professionals that involved in the construction and design of structures. This is particularly true for public technical system such as bridge. In some part of this article, the bridges failure in Switzerland and bridge failures worldwide are being discussed. It shows the analyzation of 138 cases of bridge failure worldwide. It says
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The design of concrete bridges for durability, safety, sustainability and serviceability against various aggressive environments is also discussed. Durable concrete should be a quality concrete to avoid serious problem. Engineers must ensure the good quality of the bridges during its service life. Ensuring the safety and serviceability of bridges must be consider together with the future maintenance cost not only the first cost of construction and design. Having good strength properties, low maintenance cost over the service life and good durability characteristics are factors to produce good, strong and quality concrete…show more content…
Elasto-Plastic Seismic response of RC continuos bridge with foundation-pier dynamic interaction (Bo, Chen, Yu) 2015,18, 6, Advances In Structural Engineering Using materials with high quality can help the bridge strengthen its durability. In this article, the shallow foundation is often employed as the base for bridges. And due to some natural phenomenon, the shallow foundation experiences plastics deformation. No matter how durable the strength of matrials used in building up brides, if the very own foundation is not strong, the bridge itself is not strong enough to withstand some phenomenons. This article shows that the study of soil-structure interaction (SSI) will help to maintain a proper foundation for bridges. II. Rock Solid: Stone Railroad Bridges of the 1840s (Brown) 2014, 84, 1, Civil Engineering A view of history can be a relaxing deisgn of bridges. It's like a feeling of being part of such historical events. It would feel as if we step back towards the past. This article shows how strong stone bridges are from the past because today's building bridges are made up of woods, concrete, metals and more. This states that now, bridges were built faster but the stone bridges durability from the past is unmatched that led to one of its advantages. The stone bridges would last a very long time and recquires less

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