Brief Summary: How Daniel Shays Change The World

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“The seeds of war are now sown” said Daniel Shays when some farmers were thrown in jail and then Shays Rebellion happened at first it didn’t work.But now we are going to learn about Daniel Shays Birth,Childhood, and Early Years of Daniel Shays.
In Daniel Shays early years he was born on August 1747 (No specific date) in Hopkinton,Massachusetts. When Daniel Shays was the second out of sixth sibling. When he was little he spent most of his time farming. American Revolutionary War captain, is best known for leading a rebellion of western Massachusetts farmers in 1786-1787 seeking relief from oppressive economic conditions. Daniel Shays was born in Middlesex County, Mass. His father had emigrated from Ireland as an indentured servant. …show more content…

In his lifetime,Daniel Shays was a leader and a farmer for his job. He farmed for a lot of time and loved it.He was one of the leaders of Shays Rebellion. He spent a majority of his life farming,plus he would be a leader in his profession. Major Accomplish,Later life,Death,How did Daniel Shays change the world.
Daniel Shays did accomplish Shays rebellion. Shays Rebellion farmers couldn’t pay their taxes and the government was going to take their farms at first Shay’s Rebellion did not succeed but they did solve a plan. But Daniel did die on September 29,1825 But it had nothing to do with Shays Rebellion. In his later life he became a leader in the revolt of small farmers that resulted from post war economic depression; the uprising became known as Shays's Rebellion. After the defeat of the insurgents in Feb., 1787, Shays fled to Vermont. He was finally pardoned in June, 1788, and later moved to New York state. Why was Daniel Shays important and

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