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Tandoori Angel wakes up to blaring sirens. Police knock on her door, they inform her that her parents that are upstairs, are dead. Tandy sees her parents, Malcom and Maud, dead in their bedroom, concluding that they were murdered by poison. None of her siblings cry when they hear the news because most of them are sociopaths. The murder suspects are: Hugo Angel, 10, Harrison (Harry) Angel, 16, Samantha Peck, Maud 's personal assistant, Tandoori (Tandy) Angel, 16, and Matthew Angel, oldest sibling, NFL star. Tandy is determined to, maybe even obsessed, to find her parents ' murderers. All the suspects are questioned but each could have a motive to kill. All say that the Malcom and Maud were well on their last day. The children 's uncle Peter insists that he stays in their dead sister, Katherine 's, room. Katherine died in a motorcycle accident with her boyfriend from …show more content…

Since Samantha was Maud 's assistant, Tandy goes through Samantha 's files that she kept for Maud, hoping to find useful information. She finds a locket that is engraved, "Sammy, love forever- Maud." She questions Samantha about it, Samantha confesses that she and Maud had a relationship but refuses to say anymore. Tandy snoops around the house and finds a secret door inside a closet that her dad used to go into. She goes through her parents ' belonging and, finally, finds the key. Harry goes with her, the room is a laboratory. Malcom made pills here and experimented on the children. Hugo knew about the lab but didn 't tell anyone. Tandy accused uncle Peter of murder so he could become a billionaire but realizes how harsh it is to accuse someone of killing their own brother. The children try to go back to school but find out they have been suspended because of the murder case. Harry and Hugo get into a fight with a boy at their school. A few days later, Tandy is with Hugo in his room, they hear someone in the lab. It is Uncle Peter, trying to take possible evidence. Hugo scares him away with a

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