Commentary On The Art Film Annie

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For Extra credit I chose to watch the art film Annie that was listed in both Ancient and Renaissance section. This movie takes place in 1936 while the Great Depression was going on. Annie the main character is a young curly red headed orphan that lives in New York city at the Hudson Street Orphanage. Agatha Hannigan is the orphanage director with an obvious drinking problem that starts to punish the girls for being up, singing, and being loud by ordering them to clean up the orphanage. During one of their punishments of cleaning and doing laundry Annie tries to escape in a laundry basket when the cleaner truck comes to pick their clothes and linens. Annie ends up making friends with a dog and manages to save him from the filthy dogcatcher, Annie names this dirty alley dog Sandy. After convincing the dogcatcher Annie is picked up by the a large policeman and taken back to the orphanage in which her new dog Sandy follows. Since she ran away and brought back a dog Agatha makes Annie go the paddle closet and that Sandy will be sent to the…show more content…
Warbucks and Punjab take Annie in the auto-copter to visit President FDR in Washington DC and to get away from all the fake parents. Annie performs for him and his wife Eleanor Roosevelt. Annie soon figures out that the search for her parents has not been successful but they keep searching. On the other had Hannigans and Lily are trying to use disguises to collect the reward, drown Annie, and split the money three ways. She later finds out that her parents aren’t alive anymore due to a fire. The orphans run away and find out that the Hannigans have kidnapped Annie and stole the money. With help of the orphans, Warbucks, and all this servants they search for Annie. Annie destroys the check and Roaster make an effort to kill even after Agatha tells him no. As help arrives with Warbucks Punjab kicks Rooster into a firefighter's net and rescues

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