Brief Summary Of We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves By Karen Joy Fowler

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Summary: We are all Completely Beside Ourselves

The story “We are all Completely beside ourselves” by Karen Joy Fowler is a unique one. Starting at the middle of Rosemary’s story you learn about the life of a broken family and an incomplete girl trying to find herself using her past. Her brother Lowell who always disappeared, her sister Fern who went missing, and her neglectful parents who brought work into their lives too often. The beginning is set in 1996 at the University of California, Davis. Rosemary is 22 when the story starts.

Rosemary was at UC Davis in the cafeteria when a girl sitting at a table across the room started an argument with her boyfriend. She began to throw dishes and toss chairs and tables causing a big scene. After a few minutes of this the campus police arrived and started to talk to Rosemary who had a glass of milk and plate in her hand, the lunch lady shouted at the cop that he had the wrong girl and he turned to the tall, beautiful, mysterious woman that was causing the scene. Rosemary then dropped her plate and fork on the ground and the cop turned back to her. Rosemary looked at the cop, looked at the girl, put the glass of milk in the air in a toasting fashion and threw the milk onto the ground. Packed into the back of a police car, she and Harlow Feilding formally met. They were registered into the system at the police department they were …show more content…

She had been scared that her family didn’t want her anymore, the fear became multiplied when she was taken to a brand new home. Her father told her that they moved while she was gone and encouraged her to explore the house. Her father had told her not to go into their mother’s room, Rosemary could occasionally hear her mom crying which confuses her. Rosemary's brother, Lowell refused to move into the new house with his family, he ended up staying with his best

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