Brother Leon Character Analysis

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If a person is abusing his power, then that means he has too much power. The book, The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier, is about a Freshman boy named Jerry who is shaking up his entire school by defying the Vigils, a group of boys who run the school. Brother Leon abuses his power when he hits a student on the cheek, pushes a student up against the wall, gives a student an F on purpose, and spends money that isn't his to spend.
Brother Leon is like a snake, he'll play with the mouse until he doesn't need it anymore, then when the mouse isn't looking, he'll go right behind it and eat it. Brother Leon is given the position of being the temporary Headmaster at Trinity, but with all that authority comes a person that will abuse it. The first example …show more content…

After Caroni tells Brother Leon about Jerry's Vigil assignment, Brother Leon says, " 'Perhaps I'll see merit that wasn't apparent before...' "(114). Brother Leon is abusing his power because he gave Caroni an F on purpose, just so that he could bribe Caroni with an opportunity of changing the grade to an A by telling Brother Leon about Jerry’s Vigil assignment. Brother Leon is using his power of being able to change a grade in order to get what he wants. He knew that if he took a student that has gotten all A’s pretty much his whole life, that the student is bound to give in when he is offered an A just for some information. Brian Cochran overhears Brother Leon and Brother Jaques arguing about how Brother Leon abusing his power. Cochran hears them discussing how Brother Leon had bought twenty thousand boxes of chocolate by " '. . . paying cash in advance' "(162). Brother Leon abused his power when he spent money from the school without getting it approved by the school board. Just because he's filling in for the headmaster for a while, doesn't mean he can go and make huge decisions that could put the school in debt. We now know that this is why he's been so antsy about selling the

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