Buddy The Elf Movie Analysis

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The Re-Socialization of Buddy the Elf Introduction: The desire to want to be included and accepted within a society is far from unusual, however, when certain circumstances arise, it may not always be a simple task. Throughout this paper, the functioning of human society will be analyzed with a focus on the social impacts of resocialization. This resocialization will be evaluated on the effect it has on individuals when deviant behaviours or ideas impact ones societal expectations, class views, conformity, or lastly life chances. All of which are vital to be a functioning member of society and to ones well being, which can all be compromised coming from being in an isolated social system in which one has socialized apart from a wider society (Symbaluk and Bereska 2016 pg.87). Synopsis: The movie that will be used for this film review is the movie directed by Jon Favreau, Elf (2003). This is a Christmas film which follows a man who was raised by elves to 30 years of age with no human contact who then finds himself traveling to the city of New York in hopes to find his long-lost father. The human elf, Buddy, was accidentally sent to the North Pole as a baby upon crawling into Santa’s Christmas sack while he was delivering presents to the orphanage one year where Buddy once lived. This, in turn, resulted in him being taken to the North Pole where he was then raised amongst Santa and his helpers from an infant. This strips Buddy of any human contact and cuts off any
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