Business Case Study: Jurlique International Pty Ltd.

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INTRODUCTION:- Jurlique International Pty Ltd. is an Australian cosmetics manufacturer specializing in natural botanical-based skincare and cosmetics under the brand name Jurlique. Jurlique is considered ethical and environmentally friendly. Jurlique was founded in 1985 the Australian state of South Australia by Dr Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike. The company 's name is based on a phonetic combination of their first names. The native German couple relocated to a farm in the Adelaide Hills a year prior to the launch of their brand, due to its warm climate. Jurgen was a biochemist and naturopath, who had previously worked for German holistic skincare brand Dr. Hauschka. Ulrike was a horticulturalist and botanist. The Klein 's 153 acre 'biodynamic ' farm is still part of the Jurlique Company. Today Jurlique claims …show more content…

Jurlique had numerous ownership and management changes. Jurlique was founded in 1985 by Dr Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike. Originally created as a niche natural skincare range, in 2002 the company was purchased for $25 million by Australian billionaire businessman Kerry Packer. Packer 's son James, along with American companies Triarc Companies and JH Partners resold the company in 2011. Public Japanese company Pola Orbis Holdings purchased Jurlique for $355 million. Jurlique is a leading Australian brand. Despite being the leading beauty brand in its Australian home market, Jurlique posted consistent net losses since 2008. At that time the owners included US private equity firm JH Partners and billionaire James Packer. Pola has said the purchase price included repayment of some of the skincare groups’s outstanding debts. Besides being one of the leading brands of Australia, Jurlique has competitors like L’OREAL which are International brands, dominates the Australian market. This has affected the sales of Jurlique. Unlike in Australia, Chinese are very inspired by the Jurlique’s story, of Growing 95% of ingredients in their own 153 acre

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