Bystander Apathy And Effect Essay

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Bystander apathy and effect is an idea that people are cruel or not willing to react when they are in a situation where a person in severe problem is in need of their essence they are not willing to react in a helping manner. This is not a rare thing in today's world the way people react in a situation will amaze people and inhuman acts to severe or weird situations whether these acts are deserving they shall not be left untreated. This is why it is important to read about bystander apathy and effect to know what is going on in this world and how everyone can help to prevent it (Wikipedia Contributors). Bystander apathy there are many examples of this one of them is a lady named Catherine Genovese, she was only twenty eight years old at the time of her …show more content…

Lets come together as a strong union and come together and never let tragedies like this ever happen again and be an example for the future generations. If we can find a way to stop this before it affects other generations, then this world would be a lot safer teaching the youth as they girl and learn from your actions and beliefs and it is important that you teach the youth this because one day they are gonna be the future and are gonna make the difference in this world. We need to make an example of people like Catherine, who were victim of these inhuman acts of stubbornness and lack of effort we shall treat everyone the same and change our ways in the end that's what's gonna make the difference. Our sincere forgiveness should go out to the victims who have fallen due to this and we should never forget no matter who the person they are still like you they have a family that they love many people would do the same thing for you and be a great pedestrian they will change the world and help you and the people you love (¨Bystander

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