CM Gilmore's Behavior Case Study

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CM Gilmore completed a home visit to ensure safety and well-being of the child that was listed on the report. Bmo Denikca Davis and VC A’Neeya Belton currently reside in the home. CM Gilmore explained her purpose of the visit, and Bmo allowed CM to come in the home to discuss the allegations listed in the report.
Bmo reported:
• Vc’s behavior have been bad at school consistently each day of the week.
• Bmo reported that she would start off with a low punishment like taking away her dolls or her electronic devices, and then she would move up to a big punishment due to her behavior.
• Bmo admitted to spanking her, but she didn’t know what else to do, because of her bad behavior at school.
• Bmo reported that she even made her sit out of her basketball game, …show more content…

• DFCS assistance: Medicaid
• DFCS History-yes same related issue
• Income-Logistic-transport clothes in and out of the country.
• DOB: Denikca Davis-4/23/1986 A’Neeya Belton-1/28/2008
• CM Gilmore explained Hipaa and release form information-signatures were provided by Bmo.
• CM Gilmore observed the home being clean, minor clutter but no safety concerns. All appliances were working (the hot water in the bathroom at the sink had to be turned on under the sink). Bmo reported that she has contacted property manager regarding the issue.
Interview with A’Neeya Belton
• Feels safe at home with mom
• Likes to play basketball
• Mom made her sit out of her last game, because she was bad at school.
• VC admitted to misbehaving at school.
• VC was very quiet and shy during the interview.
• As CM continued the interview with Bmo, CM observed VC reading out loud in her room. BMo reported that she likes to read.
• CM Gilmore left the home without having any concerns regarding the safety and well-being of the home environment of the

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