Caesar Was Portrayed As A Selfish Dictator

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Describe Whether Caesar Was Portrayed As A "Model Politician" Or A Selfish Dictator From the three prescribed readings it can be said that Julius Caesar was a selfish dictator. What was contained in the reading indicated that Julius Caesar is a man that has hunger for power, a self-centered man, and unwavering dictator. And since even the entire people were no longer pleased with present conditions, they rebelled at his tyranny and would like to defend their liberty . It is crystal clear in all the three documents that Julius Caesar was very selfish who only care about himself and his personal goals. In other words in all the three accounts the message is clear that the view of Julius Caesar was not that of a fair and just politician .Assuming he where, the plan to kill him would not have been to assassinate him near Pompey statue, and because he moved the Roman into war across the Rubicon River in North Italy. Caesars action caused his rival Pompey to escape to Greece, and gain absolute control and custody of the whole Italian peninsula. He as well in Spain defeated the legion loyal to Pompey. Caesar was able to capture and killed Pompey in Egypt, afterwards he commanded Cleopatra to act as a surrogate leader to Egypt. He as well conquered all his rivals in North Africa while he left for Rome ensuring his total control and his authority fully in place. Caesar believes this will strengthens the position of power in other to be more effective and therefore made himself a

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