Caged Bird Sings: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography Accent Tag: NORTH vs. SOUTH. (n.d.). Retrieved October 21, 2015. This is a video showing the difference in word phrasing based on where you live. It is an 8 minute video showing you how people from the south and north. The accent tag has the participant say the same word but it sounds different. Angelou, M. (1970). I know why the caged bird sings. New York: Random House. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is the autobiography of Maya Angelou. This is the story of Maya Angelou coming of age living in a southern town while facing racism. Maya was sent from California to the south to live with her grandmother. There she was faced with oppression, and she was sexually assaulted. . Audiobook, G. (Producer). (2013, June …show more content…

The story is of a girl named Winnie and a family whom she meets, which are named the Tucks. The Tucks have a secret, and they secret is that they are immortal. They mistakenly drank from the fountain of youth. Oppel, K., & Daniels, L. (n.d.). This dark endeavor: The apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein (Unabridged. ed.). Victor Frankenstein lives a happy life. His twin brother Konrad, their cousin Elizabeth, and himself are homeschooled. They spend their free time horseback riding and fencing. With their friend, Henry, they explore hidden passageways and secret rooms of the palatial Frankenstein chateau. The only one left is The Dark Library. Poe, E. (199). The tell-tale heart. Champaign, Ill.: Project Gutenberg. "The Tell-Tale Heart," is about a man (the narrator) who is very put off by the eye of the old man he lives with. The old man and his killer seems to live in the same house, and this would suggest a family bond of some kind, and, from here, a father-son relation with ample room for subconscious motives. But the narrator conspicuously omits direct confirmation that the old man is his father (or uncle, etc.), saying only that he loved his victim and that he did not covet the old man’s

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