Call Of The Wild By Jack London

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The book Call Of the Wild by Jack London starts with a young, playful pet dog named Buck living his life in Santa Clara Valley, California with his owner Judge Miller. However, his life takes a drastic change when he was stolen by the gardener and sold into a dog sled team. Buck is forced to adapt to the new way of life where he is no longer coddled and pampered. Buck has to learn to survive in the harsh and unforgiving climate. As Buck explores the conditions of the Klondike Gold Rush he learns he must quickly exert his dominance if he wants to survive. Through all of Buck's experiences, he gains intelligence, strength, and bravery.
Throughout the book, Buck’s experiences in the wild teach him very valuable lessons and contribute to his growing …show more content…

When Buck first arrives in the Klondike Gold Rush he is a domesticated dog unused to the harsh conditions of the wilderness. He soon adapts to his environment very quickly, becoming stronger and more resilient. Francois once said “ he was as strong as a man and as fleet as the swiftest deer”(54). Buck's strength is also seen in his ability to endure physical punishment. Despite being beaten and mistreated by his human captors, Buck never loses his spirit or his will to survive. One time the narrator says “He was beaten he knew that, but not broken”(12). Buck's strength is also demonstrated in his ability to overcome adversity. When Buck is faced with challenges like the harsh conditions of the rush or the brutality of the other dogs (Spitz). For instance when Spitz and Buck fight it is a gnarly fight. Spitz is way quicker and predicts Bucks every move, he even gets Buck to the ground, but then Buck uses his strong mentality and gets up and beats Spitz. From that point forward Buck is the new leader of the sled team. This shows that Buck always seems to rise to the occasion and come out on top, and it shows that all of these hard driven experiences have led Buck to be the strong alpha dog he is in the end of the novel, and being the alpha dog during these harsh cold conditions is very important to …show more content…

As Buck continues to explore his new world he becomes more confident in his abilities. For example, when he is attacked by a pack of wild dogs, Buck does not stand down. Instead, he stands his ground and fights back. The narrator says “he saw the other dogs surrounding him, but he did not see them as they were. They were merely sensations, impressions, that passed into his consciousness and out again”(79). This shows that Buck has became very brave and will not back down from a fight. It does nt matter if it is a fight for himself or his team he will do anything to help anyone. Buck's bravery also can be seen when he is faced with dangerous predators such as wolves and bears. Despite the danger they pose, Buck does not hesitate to defend himself and others. The narrator describes him as “the hair bristled upon the back of his neck, but he refused to flee. He was no longer afraid of them, for he had gained mastery over them”(84). Buck no longer fears Spitz and is ready to take the throne as the alpha dog where he belongs. Even though Spitz is an experienced fighter Buck does not back down he stands up for his team. Throughout these experiences, Buck gains an incredible amount of bravery that allows him to face almost any challenge that comes his way. Buck will even risk his own life to save others including humans. As Francois once said “He’s a grand dog. He’s no coward”(58).

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