Carman's Use Of Pathos And Ethos In The Twilight Poster

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Another element that has been repeated is the brand name:
The Carmans brand name, distinguishable through cursive font, builds ethos and persuades through repetition. By placing the Carman’s brand name on each side of the box, it familiarises the consumer with the brand. According to an article in the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing, brand familiarity is effective as the more familiar a person is with a brand, the greater the influence of buying their products becomes. That is because these brands are likely to receive greater ‘interest and attention. Thus, repeated exposure to the brand name, enhances ethos by creating familiarity, which in turn persuades us into buying the product out of common preference.

As mentioned previously, contrast is used to draw the attention of the viewer towards the imagery of the …show more content…

Both visual arguments use pathos heavily, however, the poster relies on imagery more so than text to convey it. This is because the text that it is present is purely informational, whereas the imagery pertains a heavy focus on its presentation to maintain pathos. The careful placement and proportions of actors connect them to the viewer to emotionally draw their interest, presenting them in a way which establishes key characters. Similarly, the imagery used on the cereal box also promotes pathos, as the main image on the ‘cover’ draws the consumer in with a bowl of appetising cereal. Contrastingly it maintains a lot of information in the form of text, promoting pathos through factors such as use of rhetorical devices and language that gives the brand a sense of humanity. We believe they do this because images can help you imagine eating the product, however it doesn’t adequately explain why this particular cereal is better than

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