How To Share Of Garbage Bags

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Executive Summary:
There were three brands of garbage bag rolls: Limp-o-Lixo (Ad-Lider), Dover Roll (Fort Roll) and Koleta (Colmag).
Ad-Lider Embalagens, SA was planning on introducing a new product line of handled garbage bags named as Fecha Facil. They wanted to know the preferences of target audience so that the impact of such attributes can be used for the deduction of success rate for Fecha Facil. Since a huge amount was invested into this product, thus they wanted a good return as well. The research conducted was comprised of mainly individual and focus group interviews in the market to be tested.
The company was trying to get hold of the 18.79% market share of garbage bags. It was one of the observation that Ad-Lider should opt for larger size bags as smaller volume does not adds to the utility that the handles are adding. The color preference for the product should be dark or black instead of giving it a transparent or lighter shade. The pricing of the product should also be kept in mind. Advertising must be done on a mass level to portray the product and its message to mass audience. Moreover instead of just targeting supermarkets, door to door sales should also be opted.
Statement of Problem:
Ad-Lider Embalagens, SA decides to add the new drawstring trash bag to its product line named as Fecha Facil. …show more content…

A huge sum has been invested, so now it is really crucial for the product to succeed. Moreover the current product mix is not sufficient to bring long term profits for the company. As far as short term goals are considered, management wanted a successful launch for the product which will provide the right marketing and target of the new product line. While the long term goals involved adding variety and diversity to the product line to achieve a long term sustainable growth rather than just achieving short term

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