Case Study: Harry Bellamy

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R/s Tyehia and the children moves around from house to house. R/s the children are falling behind on their school work. R/s there is a possibility that Harryanna (11), Javon (10) and Jalen (8) are not with Tyehia. R/s Harry (13) and Tyreana (17) are with their mother.

R/s Tyehia doesn’t have a stable home for the children. R/s Tyreana wants to go live with her aunt and uncle because she is tired of moving around. R/s Tyreana wrote a post on Facebook that she probably will fail school because she moves around too much.

Harry Bellamy is an African American male, born on 09/13/2002. He is in 7th grade at Blackwater Middle School. Harryanna Bellamy is in 5th grade at Pee Dee Elementary School.


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