John Smith Family Case Study: Late Father

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PCN-531 Smith Family Case Study I. Demographic Information The patient name is John Smith, 42-years-old white male who is currently working as insurance salesman. He has not been in any trouble at his job, but the nature of his job is quite stressful. He has been married for 17 years with two children (son of 15 years old and daughter of 12 years old). Relatively closer with the son compared to anyone else in the family. Note : In this paper, John Smith will mostly referred as “Patient” II. Background Information Patient has a long history of drinking, but it get worsen recently (nearly everyday with increasing intensity on weekend). He had experienced several blackouts as well as mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal symptoms. To stabilize the withdrawal symptoms, Patient occasionally drink in the morning. Despite suffering from severe alcohol abuse for a long time, he had been reluctant to seek treatment. He agree to seek treatment only after got arrested for driving under influence. Late father was an alcoholic, while father in law used to drink but stopped for a long time already. Patient's wife, Margaret, is currently handling double role as career woman and primary parent for their children. Due to Patient's bad habit, Wife is getting constantly angry and …show more content…

It has been found that there is a relation between substance dependence and stress coping styles. Dehestani et al (2012) has found that stress coping skill training has increased patients' social adjustment, mainly those with constant encounter to environmental stress. If and when addicted people employ proper coping strategies, they will be able to strengthen their coping skills in dealing with high-risk situations, hence prevent relapse. Combined with detoxification to heal the physical dependence, it will make a comprehensive recovery program for

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