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Little is known about the process of recovery among drug addicts. Opportunities in the modern setting to start over a new life is various, and recovering patients tend to want to blend into and become a part of society. Of course recovery programs in Malaysia such as Rumah Ikhtiar or even Narcotics Anonymous offer techniques and help for atients in their recovery. Often these techniques include how to manage any form of prejudice or stresses that they will encounter, this is so to a relapse, whereby patients start using again out of social pressure. Certainly there are good programs with 92% completion rates, while other would have 50%, such as the DARA drug and alcohol rehabilitation. But little is known about the battles patients face as …show more content…

A coding computer software The Ethnographer may be used to aid in the coding and bracketing process, whereby similar themes are grouped together. To give a more rich detailed, and to ensure the richness and complexity of human behavior is captured in more than one standpoint, the triangulation method will be used. Investor triangulation will be used whereby more than one researcher will be present. This method also ensures the validity and reliability of the research. Besides that, the researcher may organize more than one method of collecting data, which is prolonged engagement, so the descriptions by the clients can be viewed first-hand.
Research paradigm
The critical theory (McCarthy, 1981) aims to assess the critique and prejudice from the society. The target of this research is to understand the experiences of drug recovery patients battling social stigma. That is the disapproval and inferior feeling felt as a projection from exposing to society, thus agreeing with this choice of paradigm. By using this theory, the topic of the research will be examined in with scientific knowledge, by including different aspects such as economics, sociology, history, political science and also psychology to gain a better insight into the lives of the

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