Calgary Family Intervention Model

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Calgary Family Intervention Model “The Calgary Family Intervention Model is an organizing framework for conceptualizing the intersection between a particular domain of family functioning and the specific intervention” (Wright & Leahey, 2013, p.152). The CFIM focuses on promoting and improving family functioning in the domains: cognitive, affective, and behavioral aspects.

Nursing Diagnosis
The first diagnosis is stress overload related to work and family responsibilities as evidenced by family all agreeing that J.A’s inability to be present during the week puts strain on the emotional and physical aspect of the family. This diagnosis was chosen based on each family member’s agreement that J.A. being gone in St. Cloud during the week has …show more content…

and R.A almost getting a divorce and all family members agreeing that they are still dealing with the loss of both children to this day. This diagnosis was chosen because all family members stated that the loss of M.A. and E.A. is still apparent in the family and they are all dealing with it as a family as well as individually. J.A. and R.A. are still grieving the loss of their adopted daughter, E.A. because they felt guilty that they could no longer care for her needs.
Stress overload Encourage family to participate in activities together such as a family like hiking, playing sports or exercising
Discuss with the family about the importance of effective communication and sharing their feelings with one another in times of difficulty Communicate role changes in the family and how it impacts each family member
Caregiver role strain Encourage the caregiver to express feelings and concerns of parenting with the spouse. Introduce stress reducing methods to the caregiver such as exercise and spending more time with close …show more content…

We have provided support groups for grief and loss close to home for your family to attend if interested. We have provided interventions to help with ways to reduce stress, deal with loss, and lesson strain on caregiver’s role. We have also provided your family with a resource to help the caregivers learn new techniques and interventions as to how to deal with a child who has mental health needs.
What We Learned From Your Family Communication of problems is key in keeping a family close, especially when you are a couple hours away from one another. We learned that going through loss in the family can be difficult, but through strong family relationships and communication you are able to overcome anything. The only expectation as parents you have of your children is that they do the best they can in school and obtain a 4 year college degree because they are capable of doing so. We learned that family is very important, and you show that by dedicating one day a week as “family day” where you watch movies, play games and make a nice dinner.
After getting the chance to know more about your family, we have provided a couple resources that we believe will better your

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