Case Study On Chemical Industry

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PART – A STUDY ON CHEMICAL INDUSTRY IN INDIA HISTORY The chemical industry is one of the oldest existing domestic industries in India and contributing significantly to the economic growth of the country since it achieved independence in 1947. Although chemicals were made and used throughout the history, the birth of the heavy chemical industry (production of chemicals in large quantities for a variety of uses) coincided with the industrial revolution in general. The chemical industry currently produces about 70,000 plus commercial products ranging from toiletries and cosmetics to plastic and pesticides. “Charles Tenant 's St. Rollox chemical works in 1831”, was the biggest chemical enterprise of the world. One of the first chemicals to be produced in large amounts through industrial processes was sulphuric acid in 1736. The late 19th century was an explosion in both the quantity of production and the variety of chemicals that were manufactured. Large chemical industries also took shape in Germany and later in United States and India. The diversified range of products can be classified into several categories. This includes inorganic and organic chemicals, plastics and petrochemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, dyes and pigments, pesticides and agro chemicals, speciality chemicals and fertilizers. With major focus on modernization, the govt. Of India has taken an initiative in promoting the growth and development of the Indian domestic

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