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1. Riley vs California Riley vs California is the significant and most popular case which is related to Fourth Amendment decisions in recent history. The court in this case gave ruling and decision related to “search incident to arrest” of cell phone which the police found with the arrestee at the crime location. Different court has different decision based on different point of view. There was unanimous opinion that police should examine the arrestee’s cellphone as part of search incident to arrest. The court after this decision accepted willingly this rule as protection of fourth amendment for privacy. • Introduction Many people in the country are arrested, but many of these arrested of which the major part is never convicted for any …show more content…

Such warrantless searches are not only done at the crime scene but are also allowed to be done later in the police station when the arrestee is investigated. In this case the major focus is given to the Fourth Amendment. Mostly people now a day use their smart phone to store all their data, thoughts and also sensitive information related to them and there near one, Fourth Amendment is meant to always protect and provide safeguard to the to the personal and professional information for being investigated. The court should provide a hold on such searches without warrants, the digital content and personal data should not be investigated before obtaining a search …show more content…

On a fine morning of August 22, 2009, police charged a petition against a college student named David Leon Riley, who was driving a car in his home’s neighborhood at San Diego, car was a Lexus. The officer who stopped riley when he was arrested told that he stopped and arrested David Leon Riley for violating traffic rules and also for the weapons he was carrying with him, he also was driving the car with expired license registration, his driver’s license was suspended, the police thus impounded his car (Lexus). 2. Riley was thought to be associated with the shoot on August 2, considering the present circumstance and minute so separate charges were additionally issued for shooting on another vehicle, which intension to endeavor murder, and strike with an automatic gun. Because of the police arrangement of appropriating, San Diego Police Department require to direct a stock inquiry on the vehicle to record it at time of seizure, as security against obligation asserts in not so distant future. 3. While the search the cops discovered two weapons and arrested Riley for ownership of those weapons (guns). Riley was arrested and his cellphone was seized. In the examination report of the cellphone, two-organize warrantless inquiry of computerized digital search was performed. To begin with the content sections on Riley's

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