Cat In The Rain Short Story

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An American couple staying in a hotel in Italy. The place and the people at the hotel seems so strange for the both of them. Their room was on the second floor of the hotel facing the sea. It is also facing the public garden and the war monument. It is also mentioned that there were big palms and green benches on the public garden. The weather at that moment was so awful. It was raining and they can feel the cold breeze on their bare skin. An American wife stood up and looked out of the window wherein she saw a cat crouched under a green table. She felt pity on the cat so she decided to go down and get it. While her husband was busy reading, she approached it about the cat and her husband tried to offer a help but she refused it and insisted to get the cat by her own. As the wife went downstairs when the hotel owner saw her. The hotel owner stood up and bowed at her. The woman said it’s raining indicating she need help. She liked the way the owner treats her. She liked the way he wanted to serve her. As she stood in the doorway, an umbrella opened behind her seeing that it was the maid who looked after their room. Together with the maid, she walked along the gravel path until they reached the cat’s location. They saw the table where…show more content…
She wants to prove to her husband that she can do better. On the scene that they had an argument because of her hair really shows the strong feeling of the woman to have her freedom and let her decide by her own while, on the scene wherein she said that she’ll go down to get the cat though it’s raining shows that she wants her husband to show some concerns for her. And the lines from her inner thought wherein she said she liked the way liked the way the owner serve her. Because that was the one she wanted to be treated by her husband. The story shows the situation of a woman battered by her husband, not physically but
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