Catching Fire Internal Conflict

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The book Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins is the book I read over the last couple weeks. In the book, there are multiple external and internal conflicts. One of them is between the districts and the Capitol. In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen “defies” the capital at the end of the Hunger Games, which leads to all 12 districts to start an uprising. This is the external conflict. However, the internal conflict is Katniss and her feelings for Peeta Mellark. Peeta and Katniss fell in love in the Hunger Games, and they were the two victors of the Games. Katniss struggles with her feelings for Peeta, but also with her best friend Gale. The external conflict reaches a solution when the Capitol becomes reckless with the districts. More specifically President Snow, begins ordering the Gatekeepers into the districts and set their homes on fire, whip anyone who disobeys, etc. Internally, Katniss reaches a solution when she gets separated from Peeta. Peeta is …show more content…

The setting of the book changes over time, but the main setting is in the Quarter Quell Arena. This is the arena for the second Hunger Games, but these games are special because it’s a quarter quell (74th games). The specialty of Quarter Quell Games vary because President Snow randomly picks an envelope that says the speciality of each quarter quell. This quarter quell, the tributes are chosen from the pool of former victors. With that being said, the mood in the arena is tense because all of these people have been through this once, they shouldn’t have to go through it again. All of these people just want to live their lives in peace, but instead they’re forced to fight for their life again. In the book it says “For a moment we’re frozen, sizing each other up, our weapons our skill.” (pg. 278) This piece of text evidence is an example of the tension between all the tributes because it shows how willingly they are to kill right away, but also shows how upset they are to be in an arena again in the first

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