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Jacqueline Clark is a 30 year-old single female with no children. She is currently a full time student at California State University, Los Angeles and is pursuing her Masters in Science in Counseling with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Services. Although she is of working age she has limited work experience due to the fact that she has focused She currently volunteers as a teacher’s assistant at her local church’s Sunday school an most of her time on academics and volunteering. Ms. Clark also volunteers for a charitable organization. Due to the fact that Jacqueline does not work many hours she supplements her income with SSI as well as assistance from her family.
When Jacqueline was young she became very ill and had an extremely high fever. The doctors tried to reduce her fever …show more content…

If she if communicating with her students she will communicate one on one or she will have real time captioning to capture all the student comments. If someone is having trouble communicating with Jacqueline there will be a computer available in order to communicate messages. An additional accommodation would be placing mirrors at Jacqueline’s work desk therefore she can she people as they are approaching her when her back is turned. If Jacqueline must communicate with an individual she will be provided with a quiet space where there is not background noise to interfere. If her classroom is not quiet enough she can be moved to a different floor or her office can be retrofitted with soundproof paneling. Whenever there is group meetings Jacqueline will have a real time captioning service in order to keep track of the meeting. The workplace must also make an effort to teach everyone basic sign language and educate staff in meeting etiquette to make communication with Jacqueline easier. If there is ever training material it should be provided in advance to give the client plenty of time to

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