Cause And Effect Essay On Sunburns

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The problem is that the sun is harmful to humans because the light from the sun can cause damage to your skin and you may get a sunburn from the uv lights that the sun releases. Sunburns can damage our skin in a way that if you keep getting sun burns and do not do anything about it, it is possible for all those sunburns to result in skin cancer. Even animals as well can get sunburned. Reptiles are so vulnerable to the sun that they will die if they overheat too much so for them sunburns are not even an option. Though because sunburns are pretty common sunscreen companies make a lot of money because nobody wants a sunburn so sunscreen is very popular.

There are not many solutions to sunburns because they are so common with how active people are these days. But things like sunscreen can protect you and everybody should wear sunscreen when exposed to the sun 's uv rays to protect them from sunburns. Pretty much the only other ways to protect you from the sun besides sunscreen is umbrellas
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They will be able to care for their own skin. No one will get sunburns anymore and the sun 's harmful rays will no longer be a problem. People will be able to get outside and be active again knowing that they are protected from the sun’s harmful rays and they will no longer get sunburns or need doctors and dermatologists. Sunscreen companies will make loads of money with their sunscreen being bought every where from stores around the world. These stores will have a lot more business and people will get paid more. Sunscreen would be a top product and anybody who wants any can go to any store around the world and be able to be protected immediately from the sun’s Uv rays. All around most people will be happier those who work at stores where sunscreen is sold and those who own sunscreen. Sunscreen will bring more money and more protection from the sun’s harmful Uv
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