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This is a review of the Bain De Soleil SPF 4 Orange Gelee. It's a classic sunscreen and tanning lotion that's been around for generations. It's an iconic tanning product that's been in beach bags throughout the years. There's a reason it's a classic, and people love using it at the beach. Features of the Bain De Soleil SPF 4 Orange Gelee Deep tan sunscreen Glowing skin PABA free Emollients Signature fragrance Bain De Soleil Tan skin wasn't a trend until the 1920s. Coco Chanel, a fashion icon and trend-setter, had deep bronze skin. Instead of being happy with pale skin, women wanted to be beautiful tanned with a golden glow. In 1925, Antonine of Paris developed the first Orange Gelee formula for tanning. For years, it was a staple in Europe until it was brought to New York in the 40s. It's the same iconic product that's been around for years. The company …show more content…

It's an iconic type of sun tanning lotion company with familiar packaging. If you were to head out into the sun without using sunscreen, you'd end up having a splotchy red and brown tan. That's not a pretty look when you're going from the beach to the club, restaurant, or night on the town. You want to enhance your current tan and deepen the glow evenly without burning. That's where this lotion really shines. SPF 4 Screening The Orange Gelee has an SPF of 4. We've talked about the sun protection factor before. The level of protection is dictated by the number on the bottle as well as the ingredients. Some are sunscreens because they have chemical components that will absorb the sun's rays while others are sunblockers that actually repel rays. This lotion is a sunscreen that allows the sun to brown the skin without burning it. The SPF 4 lotion will not block or repel the sun except when it comes to sunburns. You'll need to reapply often if you want more protection. It's a great sunscreen for times you want to bake in the sun and deepen your current

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