Cause Of Depression

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As children grow into teenagers and young adults they will face many struggles and hardships. Although that is normal, depression rates are becoming more abnormal and continuously increasing through time. A surprising 11.2 percent (Noguchi) of teens have major depression with an even larger 25 percent suffering from anxiety (Noguchi) and shows no signs of lowering, leaving people questioning how the depression rates have risen so high and so quickly in these young people. There are many factors in what causes depression of youths and the overwhelming rise of it alongside anxiety and social phobias. Many teens repress their feelings of anger which leads to a buildup of stress and eventually ends in major depression and outbursts. Yet they are…show more content…
Children are leaving early everyday due to anxiety and crippling depression that enables them from focusing and feeling safe in a such environment. Their focus is lessened until they can not complete or care about their work. With continuous leaving, lack of motivation, focus and fear their school life suffers with failing grades and friendships amongst fellow students, teachers and parents. They will distance themselves from academic work not caring for their failings, avoid friends and act out aggressively towards family members. Aggressive behavior creates a danger to themselves and others, lashing out towards their family causing even the closest relationships to suffer, creating a sense of guilt and lower self worth. As their self worth and guilt overwhelm them their self image is dramatically affected, with a sense of worthlessness, they may develop an eating disorder or self destructive habit. Physical aggression, shouting, verbal aggression, eating too much or too little and abandoning relationships are typical with angry depressed teens and often destroy school and personal…show more content…
If they have destroyed their relationships they believe the only way to get attention and to show their emotions is by negative behavior. They may become defiant and intentionally cause trouble by starting fights with family and school mates, arguing with family members, hurting their siblings and breaking the law. When a teen breaks the law or hurts someone, or themselves, it is a form of crying out for help through the only way they understand how. Teens are often confused of their emotions or how to handle them so lashing out and harming oneself is prevalent form of coping they use. Their self esteem drops and they gain a sense of worthlessness which leads to eating disorders and self mutilation especially amongst teen girls. Confused about their emotions and changing bodies they will often begin to mistreat their bodies to feel better about themselves through excessive dieting and exercise. Boys also lose self esteem when feeling depressed causing the same sense of worthlessness but they are more likely to act out in aggression. However, both boys and girls will self mutilate by cutting, burning and bruising their skin because they feel numb and are trying to express and understand what they are feeling. Self mutilating and eating disorders isn't the only self destructive behavior they exhibit. Teen alcoholism and drug abuse is becoming ever more present
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