Causes And Effects Of The Battle Of Quebec

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Bethanie Rushing 8th Grade English Mrs. King November 24, 2015 Battle of Quebec The battle of Quebec was the first battle the americans lost in the Revolutionary War. According to, on December 31, 1775 the American army made its way to Quebec, Canada to try and gain their support for freedom. This battle had several causes, leaders, events, and effects that resulted in the continental army's first loss. The Quebec battle had multiple causes for it, but two main ones. The first cause was wanting support for their American freedom. According to the website, the more support they had the better their chance of getting what they wanted. More support from a different country would mean even more than just from America. David Burg says the second cause was General Montgomery finding out that Colonel Arnold and his troops arrival to Quebec. Montgomery soon joined him. If Montgomery hadn’t heard of this arrival, the Americans never would have stood a chance …show more content…

Arnold going North and Montgomery going South. During their attack Arnold was shot in the leg. Two men carried him to the back for protection. Daniel Morgan took over the troops for him. During Montgomery's attack he was shot dead with a bullet to the head. Later his troops were forced to retreat. states that british leader Baron Dorchester was not hurt. Dorchester commanded this battle in his early years of being in the military. In the text, says on December 31,1775, General Richard Montgomery and Colonel Benedict Arnold led their continental troops to Quebec, Canada. Together they split up and attacked the british occupied city of Quebec. By the time Arnold’s troops made it to Quebec, 400 out of the 1200 soldiers were captured, wounded, or killed. Their unsuccessful attempt cost Montgomery his life. Arnold made it out with just a bullet to the

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