Battle Of Quebec Causes And Effects

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8th Grade English Mrs. King November 23, 2015 Battle of Quebec Did you know that most of the men in Battle of Quebec were either captured or killed? Arnolds troop of over 400 men were mostly captured, While some of Montgomery were killed. This battle has some causes, effects, leaders, and events that had some say in the Revolutionary War, if they didn’t fight this battle then they would have more troops for the continental army. There are not very many causes of the Battle of Quebec, as it is a small battle. One cause of the Battle of Quebec is that the Americans didn’t like that Quebec was in British control. For example, the American Revolution Editors explain that “the Americans wanted it out of British control.” If they did get rid of …show more content…

The two American leaders are Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery. Arnold was the one who actually got to Quebec. Furthermore, The American Revolution editors say “ For more details Arnold reached the city”. Why this important is because if he didn’t get to the city there would be no chance of capturing Quebec. The other leader Montgomery was killed during the battle. To illustrate, The American Revolution editors explain “ The defenders were armed with muskets and cannons, and Montgomery was instantly killed.” If he wasn’t killed then he would probably would have been a good leader in the Continental Army. The other two British soldiers are Captain William DeLaPlace and Sir Guy Carleton. Sir Guy Carleton was the governor of Quebec. For instance, Peter Fitzgerald says “ Sir Guy Carleton was the governor of Quebec and he felt that Quebec could be the next move for Americans.” He thought that they could be the next target and was ready for the battle. Captain DeLaPlace was the person that asked the governor of Quebec for reinforcements. For instance, Randall Willard says “Captain William DeLaPlace, asked Sir Guy Carleton, governor-general of Quebec, for reinforcements. If he didn’t ask for reinforcements then he wouldn’t have been at the Battle of

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