Causes And Effects Of The Battle Of Yorktown

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First Writing The big battle of Yorktown was the ending battle of the war. The Americans won the battle. The battle of Yorktown was both on land and water. The Americans and the French soldiers surrounded the British on land. The British made a mistake and asked the British Navy to get them supplies. The French Navy then came in and battled the British Navy. The Americans destroyed the British ships full of supplies for the British troops. The Americans and French on the land started shooting the British troops. After weeks of shooting, the British surrendered with about 4,000 men and with little ammo but lots of artillery. In celebration, the Patriots played the song, Yankee Doodle as the captured the British. This seemed to the Patriots a big win.



The Battle
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The battle was a battle determining the winning side of the war. The men that come in war are the men that are remembered the most. The importance of the battle, gave freedom to those who fought, but has also came with side effects and hardships. But the battle was well known whenever the American Revolutionary War is mentioned.

Men in War Famous people come during war as fighting goes on. The most famous of course are the generals. The three generals during the Siege of Yorktown was George Washington, the leader of the Continental Army, General Lord Charles Cornwallis, the leader of the British, and General de Rochambeau, the leader of the French. The French helped win the battle when the French Navy came in and gave backup support. There were 8,800 Americans, 7,800 French troops,9,000 British troops, about 20 French Navy boats, and about 10-20 British ships. The troops easily doubled the British soldiers. General Greene, General Lincoln, and Naval Admiral De Grasse were also there.

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