Causes Of Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Introduction The terms psychopath and sociopath are synonymous for a chronic mental condition known as antisocial personality disorder, which is characterized by a tenacious disregard and violation of others. People with this disorder tend to compulsively lie and manipulate people for their own personal gain while feeling no guilt or remorse for their actions (Comer, 2008). This chronic personality disorder is first observed in childhood or adolescence in the form of conduct disorder. A child with conduct disorder displays severe tantrums, aggression, and defiance towards figures of authority (INSTERM, 2005). As the child matures into an adult, these dysfunctional tendencies will often lead to law breaking and substance abuse (Mayo Clinic, 2013). It is not known what causes antisocial personality disorder but there are a number of theories that attempt to explain the origins of this disorder (Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia, 2012).
There are three main theories that attempt to explain where and why this disorder occurs—the psychodynamic, behavioral, and biological models. Psychodynamic theorists propose that this disorders origin begin in infancy. Infants have the need to build trust with their parents or guardians. If they are not showed enough love and attention, they gain distrust and are unable to form healthy bonds with others which cause them to bond with people in abnormal and often unlawful ways. Research that supports this theory

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