Causes Of Discrimination In Bangladesh

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6: CONCLUSION Discrimination is a threat to national security and stability. The fight against poverty becomes extremely difficult in the presence of discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of specific attributes of individual is always unjust and outmost evil. However, different reward for different qualities and skills of individual is justified. Thus, discrimination on the basis of one’s gender, religion, region, etc, is unacceptable, while discrimination on the basis of education and experience is a norm in any given society. Hence, it is important to identify the nature and causes of discrimination that exists in the society. In this paper, we attempt to achieve this objective. Our analysis reveals some interesting facets of discrimination in Bangladesh, many of which is contrary to common beliefs. Urban-rural location is an important source of regional discrimination. The mean per capita consumption expenditure is almost one-third higher in urban areas in the whole sample reflecting cost of living in urban areas. But when we consider only the poorer section of population, the difference becomes very trivial though statistically significant. However, the living cost in urban areas is much higher than the rural areas. So, the poor households living in urban areas face tougher life as compared to households living in rural areas. In addition, the odd of poverty is not statistically different in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. Thus, urban-rural discrimination is

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