Examples Of Invisible Discrimination

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In term 2, I have learnt many things along the way from SAWI. Invisible discrimination is present worldwide and everyone has faced invisible discrimination before, be it the majority group or much more frequently the minority group. Discrimination is the treatment or making a different judgement against someone based on their group which that person is thought to belong to rather than by their personal achievements. This includes the treating of an individual or group based on their membership in that certain social group in an approach that is much worse than how people are normally treated. Discrimination restricts an individual of a certain group to be unable to have benefits or opportunities as another more majority group. A person does not have to be hurt in order to be …show more content…

Discrimination can occur in many different forms such as beliefs, customs, cultures, and traditions which exist in countless countries across the globe, and even in those where discrimination is generally shunned and is a taboo. There are many different kinds of discrimination which includes but are not limited to ageism or age discrimination, racism or racial discrimination, sexism or sexual discrimination, ableism or discrimination towards the disabled, and discriminating those of a different nationality. Ageism or age discrimination is the discrimination and biasness based only or mostly on the basis of a person’s age group. It is a set of practices, customs, and traditions which are used to support their reason for discrimination based on a person 's age. Ageism is very commonly directed towards the elderly, teenagers, or young

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