Ccpa Code Of What Are The Key Ethical Issues In Counselling

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Step One
What are the key ethical issues in this situation? Client engages in binge drinking behaviours and contacted the counsellor via text message using phrases indicating a possible imminent danger to the client's self, invoking the duty to warn/protect. The counsellor responded to the text frantically, which may violate the predetermined permission for technology use in the counselling relationship. With the phone number out of service, the counsellor has no means of contacting the client, demonstrating a potential lapse in record-keeping.
Step Two
What ethical articles from the CCPA Code of Ethics are relevant to this situation? The ethical articles relating to this scenario include B3 (duty to warn), B6 (maintenance of records), and H2 (permission for technology use). Ethical article B3 states that it is a counsellor's responsibility to use reasonable care to prevent harm when a client indicates an intention of imminent harm to themselves or others. With this, the counsellor should utilize the least intrusive steps to ensure safety, which may include consultation, legal assistance, and disclosure to a significant other of the client (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, 2020; Canadian Counselling and …show more content…

Ethical article H2 illustrates that it is relevant for counsellors to utilize a policy surrounding digital communication, such as text messaging, that a client has consented to. This article also states that a policy includes how technology is used, what technology is used, risks, and response times (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, 2020; Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association,

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