Cesar Chavez And The Holocaust

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Elie Wiesel said "combat indifference, intolerance and injustice¨(Biography 2). When Cesar Chavez stood up for what is right just because the Hispanics had different skin color or came from a different place doesn 't mean they should get treated unfairly and the holocaust did bad things to innocent people because they had different faiths. Chavez is standing up for what is right and making a strike how people were put in the camps in the Holocaust what the similarities are between them what the differences are between them conclusively about the holocaust and Chavez. Chavez said "Without a union, the people are always cheated, and they are so innocent,"(found from nrp 1) Cesar liked helping people a lot he thought it was unfair because they were migrant workers that the migrant workers should not be paid worse than other people. The average “American makes $24-$30 an hour, according to( www.fool.com 1 .)“In the 1930’s the migrant workers only made $0.60-$1 a day” found on (www.biography.com.) That was really low pay for a really labour intensive compared to the average American job, they got paid a lot less they also had bad working conditions for example, they had bad water and little to no places to use the bathroom and they would come after a hard week of work with their family with only four dollars at most barely enough money to feed a family of four. The people that were paying the Hispanics could clearly pay them more because they were living in

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