Historians Support Cesar Chavez

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"Bishops Support Cesar Chavez." America. 30 May 1970: 574. Print. This article gave us a rough idea about the public 's response to Cesar Chavez 's actions. It tried to report all sides of the conflict. The public had mixed views. Some supported Chavez 's cause and offered to do anything to support him. Others were angry with Chavez because they didn 't feel he had a just cause, and they hated paying more for their produce. This article also gave Bishop Donelly 's views on Chavez. This was a valuable resource in that it better described both sides of the issue. Giving both sides created balance in the information offered and allowed me to make an informed decision. Bisignani, Dana, and Allan Brizee. “Annotated Bibliographies.” Purdue …show more content…

Engle, Michael, Amy Blumenthal, and Tony Cosgrove. “How to Prepare An Annotated Bibliography”. Cornell University Libraries. Cornell University. 25 Mar. 2007. Web. 11 Oct. 2012. This source defined an annotated bibliography and provided information on the process needed to create one. One of the authors is as listed as the reference librarian and therefore a credible source of information. The second author received an award for her service at the Cornell University Libraries. I found the information on the process to create a bibliography helpful in providing questions one might ponder. Moreover, the embedded links such as “How to Critically Analyze Information Sources” were extremely useful in creating questions for this handout. Fitch, Bob. "Tilting with the System." The Christian CENTURY. 18 Feb. 1970: 204-207. Print. This article is a great primary source. It contains a series of interviews conducted by Bob Fitch with Cesar Chavez. It focuses on the grape boycott of California and the tactics Chavez used. Bob Fitch visited Cesar Chavez and the farm workers and explained their plight. The words of the workers were important in supporting the thesis of this research. This article focuses on why Chavez did what he did, why he took matters into his own hands, and risked everything he had to help the migrant farm workers. This was a very valuable source for that reason. The article gave me a look at the life of a farm worker and the need for reform from

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