Challenges Faced By The United States From 1866 To 1900

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The time of 1866-1900 were busy years for the United States. We faced factors such as destruction, racial equality, advancements in the workforce, and in technology. The years of 1866- 1900 show what the United States has accomplished from the end of the Civil War to the start of the new century. While our nation did come very far in these years it still had a long way to go. The United States learned and grew from their destruction, took a step closer to equality for all people, gave workers the rights they deserved, and begin creating technology that still impacts us today. The first crucial theme America faced during this time period was destruction. The United States encountered destruction in the Chicago Fire of 1871, The Red River Indian …show more content…

The United States came very far in this time period by constructing the first Transcontinental railroad, the first incandescent light bulb, and the first subway station in North America. The First Transcontinental Railroad was built in 1869 and stretched from Sacramento, California to Council Bluffs, Iowa where other railroads met to bring travelers to the east. This was the first railroad to stretch across the whole country and it opened up the United States to a lot of trade and traveling. Previously going across the continent would have taken months, but with the railroad it now only took weeks. This would have been very useful to explorers like Lewis and Clark who traveled to the new western territories. The Transcontinental Railroad made traveling more efficient and made a boom in the railroad market. The first incandescent light bulb was made by inventor Thomas Alva Edison in 1879. This was a huge scientific breakthrough for the future of electricity. People no longer had to use dangerous gaslights that could easily cause fires. Edison had created something scientists had been struggling with for years and finally made a long lasting, affordable light source. Lastly, another incredible advancement in technology and engineering was the Boston Subway finished on September 1st, 1897. This subway was the first to be made in North America and it proved to be successful. On the first day it was released over 100,000 people used the subway, a brilliant solution to traffic. All of the inventions above are still very relevant in our society now. These inventions are still in use and being used to inspire even more advanced and efficient

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