Causes Of Global Talent Challenges

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Today’s world is more different than yesterday’s world due to globalisation, that leads a more complicated and dynamic work climate. In that global village, companies should learn effective competing. Otherwise, sustainable success can be only a theoretical illusion. Larger scale, diverse, talented, intellectual and more liquid workforce is emerged by global forces (Briscoe, Schuler & Claus, 2009; Friedman, 2005). As a consequences of that global workforce, there are major debates such as labour productivity and talent management. There were many researches, which show the lack of talented candidates in area, in between 2000-2008, before the economic crises (Collings & Mellahi, 2009). The biggest challenge for the global companies
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Briscoe claims that IHRM is a broad definition that mostly includes the stakeholders into the assumption (2009). The stakeholders may contain workers, customers, investors, suppliers, managers, society. GTM , generally, focuses on mostly HR policies such as activity planning, staff hiring, recruiting, performing, educating, compensating (Collings & Mellahi, 2009).

Global Talent Challenges and Global Talent Management
Global talent challenges are a strategic part of human resources management and global strategic management. In a global village, global talent management (facing the talent challenges), which has a deep impact over the company’s success. Global talent challenges; The HR (Human Resources) of companies should find effective and sufficient amount of talented employees for the right places, with right remuneration (managing cost of firm’s resources) in a very competitive and mobile world based on short or long term positions in the work area (Schuler, et al., 2011). Several others, such as;
Having the right number of people at the right place at the right time with the right skill sets and levels of motivation are fundamental to talent management.
Stephenson & Pandit
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Global firms like Microsoft offer attractive career management opportunities as a part of talent management. However, as I worked in Turkey many years, I know this tab is not very effective for people to attract because, in collective culture, relationships are more important than talent. Therefore, that section is not a part of attraction. On the other hand, that can work well in individual cultures as they are more interested in personal

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