Chapter 13: A Short Story

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When gazing into the unknown it is often times that humans miss on the positives that pass by us, moments that can rip the roots from under the sturdy truck. Not only are these precious moments terrifying, but also ground breaking. In some moments they can literally shatter and break the ground holding up, or a car and body. Even the mental structure is possibly destroyed, but in the sliver of those moments of the fate of the future it’s essentially that the future and desire are balanced. For that reason it was imperative for me to take action, in order to restore the equilibrium. 16:13. The time should have been a warning, a sign, in the midst of the warm afternoon of August 19 when my eyes had glazed to the clock on the dusty dashboard. …show more content…

I mean this kid didn’t even grasp the concept that he already was traveling more than what I had experienced as a seven-year old. “Oh yes, I will be a Marine, just like my uncle and momma were,” Eyes glistening in my mirror, I couldn’t help but release a small chuckle, “ And I will save people, and make them happy when they… when they see how amazing…. Wait, what do Marines do?” After I found a clearing between two cars to switch lanes I turned on my light signaling the turn, to which Aidan began mocking the sound before I could respond. “Tink- Tick, Tink- Tick, Tink-Tick, Tink-Tick, Tink-Tick…” “Say Tristan, how far away is the sea from here?” Aidan exclaimed, jumping up from his sitting position. As he drew near to the smudged window to get a better glimpse at the bright star dancing over the water below, his glasses reflected in the lens in the corner of my eye, as I turned, blinding and destroying the control on which I held. Snapping me back into the present, the blaring sound of horns honked behind me as I stood overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Hands resting on the cherry dyed gate, a long sigh released from my breath creating a fog of breath to blow away, over the San Francisco

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