Chapter Summary: Bad Boy By Walter Dean Myers

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To begin with, I’m going to tell you about a story that we are reading in Mrs. Gibson’s class. The name of this book called “Bad Boy” by Walter Dean Myers. I’m only going to tell you about chapter 5&6. First off, in the beginning of the chapter Walter and his friends shocked the pastor. “how did they do that?” you ask. Well, I’m going to tell you. Walter and his friends brought a boy named Richard down to the basement of the church. They shocked the pastor by trying to hang Richard. At school Walter realized he had some trouble with his speech when his teacher told him that he couldn’t read aloud in class no more. A little bit later on in this chapter Walter’s biological father moved to Harlem, New York where he lived. Hint: Most people call Walter, Walter Dean because, he considers the Dean’s to be his real family. A few paragraphs later on Walter meets his uncle Lee which apparently has been in jail longer than Walter’s been alive. Walter noticed how his uncle talked out of the side of his mouth and Walter caught on to doing this very quickly. The reason Walter’s uncle Lee done this is because when you’re in jail you can’t …show more content…

Walter also commited himself to playing sports. In the mornings he would play basketball in thr morning with his friend Eric. Walter prayed the most for the dodgers to win. Also during the summer he couldn’t borrow Mrs. Conway’s books during the summer so, Walter went to the public library to get books to take books home. The other boys would tease him about bringing books home from the library. So Walter hid them by putting them in a paper bag. He also wanted to dance in the street with other kids and his father didn’t like so he made him quit dancing in the streets. Last but not least, this teacher did something that could benefit Walter and this was pull him out of class once a week for speech

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