Chapter Summary Of Sarah De Fries

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Summary At the beginning of the book, it tells us that a woman named Sarah De Vries’s DNA was found at a farm in Port Coquitlam. She was a prostitute and was one of the 26 women found at the farm after being missing for 4 years. They continue the book by telling us her childhood, Sarah was a mixed raced child who was adopted into a white family. She had 3 other siblings, Maggie (1961), Peter (1963), Mark (1967 but adopted in 1978), then Sarah (1969 but adopted in 1970). She was the subject of racism at the age of two and a half or 3. When at a library in Guelph, the librarian had said about her “What is she?” (De Vries, V.M., 2007, P.8) and after they left a friend of theirs heard the librarian say “They should leave them with their

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